Katie Rast

Katie Rast is the Director of Fab Lab San Diego, and has worked with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to develop the San Diego instantiation of the Global Network of MIT Fab Labs. Since 2007, Katie has managed Fab Lab, a community-driven invention space, and has developed and deployed a suite of educational programs for youth and adults focused on innovation, ideation, creativity and STEM education. Katie has been an evangelist for the Maker Movement for the past six years, and remains dedicated to the belief that practices related to applied learning and invention benefit education, innovation, and economic development. Upon realizing the potential that came with the ability to “make almost anything”, Katie turned her interest in healthy communities and successful students toward the integration of ‘making’ into project-based learning, workforce development, and the creation of a local innovation ecology. Learn more about Katie

Falvio Olivieri

Mr. Olivieri has over 23 years of Business Development and Project Management experience focused on US-Mexico relations. Currently he is CEO of the Tijuana Economic Development Corporation, a Non-Profit business organization that facilitates foreign investment in manufacturing and technology projects within the city of Tijuana and the Calibaja Mega-Region. Throughout his career he has developed expertise in the areas of Economic Development, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Energy Infrastructure and Medical Tourism. Learn more about Flavio.

Kristen Kavanaugh

Two years into Kristen Kavanaugh’s appointment to the US Naval Academy, her values and personal growth critically intersected when she began to understand and accept that she was a lesbian serving under the military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” (DADT) policy which prevented lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) service members from serving openly. Kristen served in silence until the nationwide effort to repeal DADT in 2010 when she faced her biggest fear and publicly shared her story in the hope that LGBT service members would find solace in their common struggles. Learn more about Kristen.

Brant Cooper

Brant Cooper helps organizations big and small innovate. He is the co-author of the New York Times Bestseller, The Lean Entrepreneur and is a sought after speaker, advisor and mentor. He has over 16 years experience helping companies bring innovative products to market. His startup career includes Tumbleweed, Timestamp, WildPackets, inCode, and many others. He has experienced IPO, acquisition, rapid growth, and crushing failure. Learn more about Brant.

Jacques Chirazi

Jacques Edouard Chirazi, certified Biomimicry Professional has managed the California City of San Diego’s Clean Technology Program since 2007. His focus is to create economic growth while fostering sustainability. One emerging initiative is to bridge cleantech with biomimicry. He develops and supports a clean technology cluster in San Diego. As a critical thinker, analyzing complex program and policies, he leverages his strong communication skills while collaborating across a diverse range of private, public and non-profit sector groups. With the passion for learning about the natural world and understanding how nature could transform the corporate environment, his long term vision is to create new business models and financial instruments to accelerate the commercialization of biomimetic solutions. Learn more about Jacques.

Reid Carr

Reid Carr is the President & CEO of San Diego-based Red Door Interactive. They also have offices in Carlsbad and Denver. Among numerous awards for work, Red Door has twice been named one of the Best Places to Work in Media & Marketing by Advertising Age magazine as well as a Top Small Company Workplace by Inc Magazine. Reid was honored with the SD Metropolitan’s “40 Under 40″ award in 2005, the SD Business Journal’s Most Admired CEO Award in 2007, 2009, 2010 and in 2011 won their Exemplary Award. In 2009 and again 2012, Reid was a Finalist for the Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young. In 2010, he was named to the New Leaders Council’s 40 Under 40 list, as well as named a SD Daily Transcript’s Young Influencer. In 2011, iMedia Connection named him one of the 25 Hottest Digital Marketers. Learn more about Reid.

Andrew Dickson

Andrew Dickson is a leading expert in seawater pH, whose research activities are focused on improving our understanding of the carbon dioxide system in seawater, with a current emphasis on the effects of ocean acidification.Since the 1990s, Andrew has played a key role in improving measurements of oceanic CO2 system properties, and leads a program to prepare, certify, and distribute CO2 reference materials to the world’s marine scientists. Dickson’s research focuses on improving the understanding of the chemistry of carbon dioxide in seawater and upper-ocean biogeochemistry, with a current emphasis on the effects of ocean acidification. He has played a key role in developing quality control standards for oceanic carbon dioxide measurements and leads a program to prepare, certify, and distribute CO2 reference materials to the world’s marine scientists. Learn more about Andrew.

Richard Gonzalez

Richard Gonzalez serves as an industry thought-leader in information technology spanning a variety of markets ranging from mid-market to enterprise organizations. With over 14 years of experience, Richard’s expertise in process development, enterprise computing, telecommunications and telemedicine has led companies to a feasible and efficiently streamlined IT organization. Learn more about Richard.

Kim Woozy

In 2010, Kim Woozy founded MAHFIA, a web tv channel that exposes the untold stories of females in action sports culture. MAHFIA’s mission is to promote females for their accomplishments and offer inspiration and entertainment for girls who are interested in the creative lifestyle of skateboarding, snowboarding and surf culture. MAHFIA is an example of an independent modern day story telling vehicle that could not have existed less than a decade ago. Woozy utilizes the resources of today’s technology to reach an audience around the world. She has created a new narrative that can captivate a generation of young females in a way that traditional media cannot. Independent alternative media created by females is increasingly important and extremely crucial in combating the dangerous stereotypes that mainstream media imposes on impressionable young teens. Learn more about Kim.

Laurie Libman-Wilson

Studio Penny Lane was lovingly created by Laurie Libman-Wilson, a San Diego based custom home and internationally known interior designer, mother of three and ambassador for peace through fashion and style. Her creative work inspires and promotes mindful awareness, bringing about a positive change in everyone her thoughtful message and hip products reach. Born and raised in Los Angeles, and a descendant of the first indigenous native tribe to the Los Angeles River basin, Laurie’s unique naturally fashion forward vision has always put her in high demand with her discriminating clients who strive for high style, infused with a native California vibe. Laurie’s custom design work can be seen all over California, Argentina, Nicaragua and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and now all over the U.S as Studio Penny Lane grows in popularity. Learn more about Laurie.

Karen Dietz

Karen Dietz, PhD., owner of Just Story It, is based in San Diego, CA. She is a consultant, facilitator, trainer and coach working with leaders and executive teams to cultivate and tell their most compelling stories and uniting people to pursue dramatic new goals. Learn more about Karen.

Dr. Jeff Salz

Jeff has led over one hundred wilderness, mountaineering and anthropological research expeditions around the world, including a number of first ascents of summits in Southern Patagonia and the remote Western Himalaya of India. He has served CBS News as adventure expert for the Survivor television series, created and co-hosted investigative anthropological documentaries for the Travel Channel, Discovery Network and History Channel. Learn more about Jeff.

Alephonsion Deng

In 1987, when Alephonsion Deng was seven years old, his village in Southern Sudan was attacked by his own government troops. To avoid capture he ran into the night with many other young boys. Without food, water, shoes or parents, he crossed 1,000 miles of lion and crocodile infested territory. After five years of fleeing war, starvation and wild animals, he reached Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya and began his education. Nine years later, In 2001, the U.S. Government welcomed Alephonsion Deng as one of the Lost Boys of Sudan. Learn more about Alephonsion.

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